Eight Ways to Keep Up Your Workout Motivation This Winter

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Baby, it’s cold outside! Winter is fast approaching here in New England, and while it is easy to start going into hibernation mode, remember that Summer bodies are made in the Winter. Sure, when it’s dark and chilly out, it is much easier to stay in bed under the warm covers. Or on snowy days (yay snow days!) it is easy to sit inside catching up on Netflix shows and eating heavy, comforting foods. However, this will only derail your health and wellness goals.

Committing to your Pilates practice, or any workout really, is just a stepping stone to a greater reward and that is making a stronger feeling YOU. The only person who can make the change is you. Don’t be upset by the result you didn’t get with the work you didn’t do. Remember, the only bad workout is the one that you didn’t do.

So let’s look at some motivational tips to keep you active during the Winter:

  1. Set a Goal and Reward Yourself for Achieving It – Set a goal such as “I will do _____ amount of workouts for _____ amount of time”. For instance “I will do three workouts a week, every week for the next three months” Then think of a way to reward yourself at the end of your goal. Maybe you treat yourself to a massage or maybe you buy those shoes you’ve been eyeing. Having a reward at the end will give you a goal to work towards and help keep you on track for achieving your goals by Spring/Summer.
  2. Keep a Journal – before and after every workout, write down in a journal how you felt. When you are low on motivation you can read back over the last time you worked out and how great you felt afterwards. It will motivate you to hit your mat. This will also give you insight into what caused you feel to sluggish etc.
  3. Create a Goal or Vision Board – Remember why you started. Think about why you want to work out or make these health changes. What was your aim in doing so? Keep that in mind and let it be a motivating factor to working out. Add images of yourself at your ideal weight, or the swimsuit you want to buy, or pictures of that spot in the Bahamas that you want to visit in the Summer. Add quotes, images or anything else that will motivate and inspire you. Put this in a spot that you will see everyday, throughout the day.
  4. Set Up Yourself Up for Success – literally set out everything you need to get in your Pilates practice or workout. Keep your mat out in a spot that when you walk by and have time you can just get down and do your practice. Set out warm clothes to get you ready to step out and take on the day.
  5. Find an Accountability Buddy – find a partner to do your practice or workout with. Schedule a workout date and stick to it. It is harder to not do your workout if you know someone else is counting on you to be there and to motivate them. You can set a workout goal together and cheer each other on.
  6. Time for You – set a time each day that is your time to practice self care and get your practice in. Even if you have to get up an extra 15 minutes to do so. Set an alarm on your phone to wake you up early so you can get in your workout. Think of how great you will feel starting your day with a quick and energizing practice.
  7. Mix it up – Try a new workout! Maybe instead of your daily walks outside, that you can’t keep up with because of the cold and snow, you try an indoor workout. I LOVE spin classes. It is inside, helps you get your sweat on, has fun music and is a challenging workout. Join a gym and try out some of the classes. The added benefit of this is getting in your cardio in conjunction with your Pilates practice.
  8. Workout at Home – Try my 6 week Mat Pilates for Beginners series (or my other videos) on YouTube. These can easily be done at home, office or anywhere else you can roll out a mat.
Remember…it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Do you have any motivational tips you want to share? Post them in the comments! And I’ll make sure the heat is on the studio, come get your sweat on this Winter!

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