Stronger in 17: Pilates Challenge


pilates, pilates challenge, stronger in 17, pilates worcester, worcester pilates, pilates classes in worcester, pilates studio in worcester,From time to time I find motivation in taking on different health and fitness challenges. These challenges help to inspire you to set and achieve goals, while also providing accountability. Recently, a few friends mentioned needing some motivation for creating and achieving some goals for the New Year.  Our focus at this time of the year is always “New Year, New You”, but I thought I’d rather focus this year on becoming “stronger”.

See, every year, I find a word that symbolizes and encompasses all that I want to achieve in the New Year. This year, my word is “STRONGER”. My goals for 2017 are to become stronger physically, mentally, emotionally, professionally and in my business. This also symbolizes my belief that our goal in a Pilates practice should be to become stronger, not necessarily skinnier or to have a six pack. Strong is the new skinny!

So I am hosting a 17 day “Stronger in 17” Pilates Challenge, starting on January 1st. The main goal of this challenge is to practice at least 10-15 minutes of mat Pilates EVERY DAY for the first 17 days in 2017!

Here’s what you get in this 17 Day New Year’s Pilates Challenge:

  • A quick mat Pilates video that will serve as motivation for your daily practice
  • You will receive an email daily containing a breakdown of each exercise in the video for your mat Pilates series including the goal of the exercise and any modifications
  • Your daily email will also include recipes, inspiration and health and wellness tips
  • You may also receive other videos throughout the 17 days that could include yoga and meditation exercises.
  • Those who complete the 17 day Challenge will be entered into a raffle to win a basket of some of my favorite natural and organic beauty products

So how do you join the Pilates Challenge? 

  • Sign up for the challenge via email through this link
  •  Follow me on Social Media:
  • Like the Worcester Pilates Studio Page on Facebook here
  • Invite your friends to join you in the challenge (direct them to this page)
  • Post pictures of yourself on Social Media practicing Pilates and tag me and use the hashtags #worcesterpilates and #strongerin17 so I can find you. This will be how you will be kept accountable to the challenge, as well as ensure you get entered into the raffle

I hope this challenge will inspire you to start the New Year off on the right mindset to achieving some amazing health and wellness goals. As well as helping to leave you feeling stronger and ready to take on 2017! Thanks for joining and I look forward to seeing what you share over the 17 days.


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