The Pilates Principles: Flow

The final Pilates Principle of Flow ties all the other principles together. Once you are able to center yourself, concentrate on your alignment, focus on moving with precision, control the movement of your body, and  add in the breath you are then able to bring in flow.

Flow is moving in a smooth and controlled manner during your practice. Keeping in mind your alignment, as you move from your strong and stable center. Flow creates balance, grace and fluidity in your practice.

In your practice focus on the first few principles and then begin to flow. So when doing 10 reps of an exercise, focus on your control, precision, etc. for the first 5 reps and then add in some flowing movement for the last 5 reps (without losing your control and precision).

Also, the transitions then become part of the exercise and workout. You can create a more flowing practice by adding in the transitions and moving smoothly from exercise to exercise, creating a workout that keeps you moving throughout. Create a rhythm of ease and flow in your workout to challenge your practice and build greater heat in the body. Who says you don’t sweat in Pilates?


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