The Pilates Principles: Precision

The Pilates principle of Precision is one of the key principles that distinguishes the work of Pilates from other forms of exercise or movement. Every move or exercise in Pilates has a purpose. It is important to know the purpose of the exercise in order to understand which muscles are working and which are helping to stabilize.

Awareness must be used and sustained throughout the exercises on what muscle group you are working, and the other parts of the body that are working in conjunction. Precision must be used in alignment and movement throughout the exercises in order to achieve the maximum benefits of the exercise. As I’ve mentioned previously, it’s quality of movement over quantity in Pilates, which is why we do lower reps (usually 8-10) of every exercise.

In your practice focus on the smaller details of the movement. If you are practicing with a teacher, listen to their cues as to how you should move or for corrections. Where are you feeling the exercise most and adjust accordingly to the achieve the purpose of the exercise. Precision allows you to get more “juice” out of the exercise. Bringing your awareness to the movement can you help go deeper in the exercise than ever before.



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