The Pilates Principles: Concentration

The Pilates Principle of Concentration is about bringing your full attention to the exercises. Joseph Pilates intended for his method to connect the mind and body and we see that when we are mindful of executing the movements. When you bring your full awareness to the exercise and commit to executing it fully and at your level, you will gain the maximum benefits of each exercise.

When performing any of the Pilates exercises, take a few seconds to think of the purpose of the exercise. What are it’s benefits? What muscles or part of the body is moving? What muscles or part of the body need to remain stable? Concentrate on your body’s alignment and stabilization throughout the exercise. For instance in One Leg Circles, the leg is moving but you must keep the pelvis and torso stable during the exercise.

During your practice, try to not let your mind wander. If you find yourself thinking about something other than the exercises you are performing, bring your awareness back into your body. Pay attention to the movements, the purpose of the exercise, what is moving and what needs to be stabilized.

Through the Pilates Principle of Concentration you will help your mind and body to work together in unison. This connection and awareness will help you to achieve the full benefits of your Pilates practice as well as be beneficial in your daily life.


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