The Pilates Principles: Centering

Pilates is often referred to as “a two way stretch from a strong and stable center”. Everything that we do in our lives, especially when it comes to movement, radiates out from our “Core” or our “Center”. In Pilates we refer to our center as the Powerhouse and we focus on initiating movement from this point. That is why the principle of Pilates, Centering is very important.

The Powerhouse starts with the rib cage down to the pelvis and includes the abdominals, back muscles, and glutes. In Pilates we bring focus to the Powerhouse to stabilize the body and initiate movement. Therefore building greater strength in our abdominals and helping our bodies to move more effectively.

As you move through your Pilates practice bring your awareness to the Powerhouse. Be mindful of initiating your movement from your Powerhouse and how the exercises radiate out from your center, into your extremities. Focusing on moving and stabilizing the body from a strong center will result in moving with grace, building more strength and alleviating back pain. This control of movement through a strong and stable center can assist you in other activities such as running, golfing, cycling and even just in your every day life.

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