The Pilates Principles: Control

The Pilates method puts a lot of focus on control of movement. Is it any wonder that Joseph Pilates originally called his method of exercise “Contrology”? It wasn’t until sometime after his death that the method started to be named after it’s creator.

The Pilates principle of Control is pretty straightforward in it’s meaning. In Pilates we focus our attention on control of the body through the movements. The movements must be executed in a smooth and balanced manner. We learn to control our bodies and move our muscles through the exercises in a more controlled way. Overtime and with dedication to the practice, we gain greater control over our body and the exercises. With greater control comes better alignment, balance, coordination, strength and flexibility.

In your Pilates practice focus on bringing the principle of control. Bring your awareness to controlling the muscles of the body to move with precision. Focus on executing the exercises in a controlled manner. Remember that in Pilates, as well as life, quality over quantity is best.

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