Pilates for Back Health and Spinal Mobility

sawI’m always trying to turn my friends and family onto Yoga and Pilates. I want to share what I love about both of these types of movements with the ones I care about. The number one thing I hear back from friends is “What I can I do to alleviate low back pain?” or “What exercises will help with my back stiffness and pain?” My answer of course is always “Yoga and Pilates!”

In fact the number one reason or complaint that people have when beginning a Yoga/Pilates practice is stiffness in the low back, and often accompanied with low back pain. One of the major causes of lower back pain is lack of flexibility in the spine; as some areas become stiff or immobile. The demands of modern life mean that we spend far too much time in a flexed-forward position (such as sitting at computer desks all day).

Joseph Pilates said:

“If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old.  If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.”

Both Yoga and Pilates help to restore a more natural range of movement to your spine, and unload some of the strain that today’s sedentary lifestyles place on it. By working on spinal mobility and restoring natural movement patterns you can lengthen and strengthen your spine, gaining better posture and back health.

In fact, Recent studies even show that Pilates can help alleviate low back pain more than other therapies. Contact us to book your session and learn how to become stronger and pain free.

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