Pilates for Athletes


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Pilates for Athletes

What dancers have known for years, is now being discovered by many other athletes. Pilates can improve your performance in many different types of body movement including sports. Athletes at the top of their games such as NFL players Tom Brady, Martellus Bennet, and Antonio Brown, MLB players Jake Arrieta and Nate Robertson, Soccer players David Beckham and Christiano Renaldo, as well as other athletes such as Tiger Woods, and Lebron James are just a few of the professional athletes that have turned to Pilates to improve their game. In fact many of the athletes at the 2016 Summer Olympics claim Pilates gave them the edge over their competitors so they were able to take home the medal.

The benefits of Pilates as it relates to sports is many including:

  • Increased flexibility and strength
  • Core strengthening to improve balance
  • Prevent and alleviate hip and back pain
  • Improve agility
  • Prevent injury and improve recovery times
  • Aids in sport conditioning and training
  • Increase range of motion in areas like hips and shoulders

Everything that we do is supported by and radiates out from your core (known as the Powerhouse in Pilates), even standing and walking. Strengthening your core through Pilates exercises can improve your performance and give you an edge whether you are a runner, swimmer, cyclist, footballer, hockey player, golfer or tennis player. Building core strength can improve hip rotation, range of motion, balance and  stability which aids in allowing you to hit/kick a ball further, throw farther, run faster and jump higher.

Whatever your game, Pilates can help to improve your performance. If you are interested in using Pilates to increase strength, build core strength, increase flexibility and improve stability, give Worcester Pilates a call. Whatever your goal, we can create a plan to help improve your athletic performance.

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