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Strength. Stability. Stretch. Synergy.

Do you dread gym workouts? Do you feel lost in group classes? Are you dealing with work-related chronic pain and stress? Overwhelmed with a lack of flexibility and strength? Lacking the motivation to start a fitness and wellness practice?

The benefits of a regular Pilates practice are abundant. Pilates can help relieve low back pain, increase flexibility, improve posture, correct imbalances in your body, create greater body awareness and build all over body strength.

I work with many clients who struggle with persistent aches and pains, have spinal issues such as scoliosis,  are dealing with chronic pain such as sciatica, are in rehabilitation for past injuries or recovering from surgeries such as knee and hip replacements. My clients range from the young to the elderly. I have extensive experience with clients who are breast cancer survivors, rehabbing from injuries or dealing with chronic conditions such as neurological conditions, diabetes and more.

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Pilates for the People

Worcester Pilates is a boutique Pilates studio that provides private Classical Pilates instruction on the Pilates equipment. Whatever your goal is, during your one on one instruction I will guide you, and provide inspiration, motivation and accountability to help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals.

I use my patient and nurturing personality to challenge and guide you to overcoming fear and doubt. I bring a mind/body approach to your Pilates practice to help you find balance, strength, flexibility, alignment and ease in your body.

pilates, pilates studio in worcester, worcester pilates, pilates classes in worcester, worcester ma,

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